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14/15 Eldon Terrace, Leeds – Update!

In a previous article on Eldon Terrace, I commented on the state of repair of two terraced units on Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. In this article, I want to give a bit of an update of what’s been happening since then.

Return of the Heads?

I haven’t finally decided yet, but I’m thinking of re-establishing Head Row when I return to Leeds next year.  It would be a completely new set of men and I may or may not sing with the group during performances, since when it continues, I won’t be there beyond next year.

Secretary of Jazz and Blues Society

I have recently been elected as the Secretary of the Jazz and Blues Society at University of Leeds. Quite an achievement considering that those who were voting were in a different country to me and some had never met me.  However, I had my introduction announced at the AGM and they obviously thought this evidence […]

14/15 Eldon Terrace, Leeds

Ever since I first arrived at Leeds University, these two units on Woodhouse Lane have been derelict and bare.  It’s time something was done about it.

Architecture of Penn State

The first thing that struck me about the architecture at Penn State when I first arrived was that any building was really really hard to date from its architectural style!