“Sub specie aeternitatis” – Benedictus de Spinoza

This section is devoted to my views and thoughts on religion, inspired by a lifetime of being both involved in the church and an atheist.

Ever since my childhood, I have sung in a church environment with choirs and been brought up in a Christian family. But, naturally, I’ve never been comfortable with the supernatural manifestation of God that is all too prominent within Christian circles today. Such discomfort has not led me to reject the church, however, but rather to embrace the good of the church, whilst remaining suspicious and level-headed with regards to its fallacies. Here I would like to share some of the views that I hold, but make no pretence that they are in any way definitive, and hope that through publishing them and through the comments I receive, my own – as well as my readers’ – understanding will develop.


In defence of the church

In defence of the church