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The Word “Value”

Discussion: Let us look at the first (noun) definition of the word “value” at “the regard that something is held to deserve”. Does this definition not imply an action of evaluation by some party or other? In fact, for something to have a value in this sense, then someone would have had to apply […]

What should Transition Norwich be?

Observation: There has been concern from various corners of late as to the condition of Transition Norwich, its support and following, its structure, and its membership. Discussion: Transition Norwich was “unleashed” in October 2008 at a meeting of approximately 400 citizens of Norwich, who formed a core group and working groups to take action forward. […]

The patterns of a low-carbon life

First published on Transition Norwich’s Blog “This Low Carbon Life” on 23rd January 2012. This book, A Pattern Language, has been a huge inspiration to me ever since I first saw it.  It has helped me to gain perspective and insights into what is wrong with the world, in specific and practical terms, and what good design […]

I am the very model of a modern general majorer!

My sister sent me an email a few days ago, commenting that I hadn’t made my academic achievements clear enough on this website, so I’d like to just point out that: I hold a First Class Honours Master of Engineering degree in Architectural Engineering (International) More information about my degree can be found here, but […]

Review: Quiet: The Power of Introverts…

This post was written for This Low Carbon Life. For the past week I have, uncharacteristically, been racing through a book, not able to put it down.  That book is “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain, who I first heard of from this TEDTalk, and just […]

Local Economics Survey

In defence of the church

I seem to spend at least as much of my time defending the church as I do expressing my own, atheistic understanding of the world. There are two benefit spheres of the church, arts and community. Religious belief, however, is a detrimental effect of the church on society.

So I’m a Transitioner, am I?

Thanks to Mark, who’s allowed me one of his blog spots this week on the Transition Norwich Blog. It’s about my experience of transition so far.

Part-Time Occupations?

Even when they are not on the streets, “99%ers” are still actively involved in the movement, and are not “part-time occupiers”.

Secondary Glazing in a Listed Building

My family moved into our three-storey Georgian house in the country when I was four, and we all saw it as a great investment, but at the time, energy efficiency wasn’t really a concern. To help, we installed secondary glazing. This is how we did it.

Thought as Entertainment

Embrace the idea that the best entertainment is participatory, and may involve intense thought, creativity, engagement and commitment. Do not deny the mind the opportunity to think and make decisions for itself, rather than consuming (and reinforcing) the opinions and ideas of the international entertainment producers.

Final Year University Project

Those who know me well will know that in the month or two leading up to last week, I was a social recluse as my final year project neared its deadline. I’m proud of the result, and rather than try to explain it in words, here’s what it actually looks like!

Pickles’ Plan for Planning

Mr Pickles’s plan for scrapping regional planning strategies could improve quality of housing developments.

Print nothing that you do not know to be informative, or believe to be entertaining

William Morris once said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Why should that same not be true of print?

Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit

Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit doesn’t look as though it will stand up. Why?

14/15 Eldon Terrace, Leeds – Update!

In a previous article on Eldon Terrace, I commented on the state of repair of two terraced units on Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. In this article, I want to give a bit of an update of what’s been happening since then.

Nicholas Vanburgh Website

If you would like to consider my services as a web designer, please send me an email.

Head Row 2009/2010

Plan to re-start barbershop group Head Row.

Return of the Heads?

I haven’t finally decided yet, but I’m thinking of re-establishing Head Row when I return to Leeds next year.  It would be a completely new set of men and I may or may not sing with the group during performances, since when it continues, I won’t be there beyond next year.

Secretary of Jazz and Blues Society

I have recently been elected as the Secretary of the Jazz and Blues Society at University of Leeds. Quite an achievement considering that those who were voting were in a different country to me and some had never met me.  However, I had my introduction announced at the AGM and they obviously thought this evidence […]

Eco-Town have your say… or have your click, at least

I recently went back to researching something that I haven’t really looked into in a while.  That is the proposed eco-town developments in the UK.  There are 14 sites that have been identified as potential locations for new eco-towns and they are currently at the stage of a communities consultation.  However, I’m largley disappointed by […]

Dublin skyscraper refused planning permission

I usually skip over my online subscription to WAN – World Architecture News newsletter when it comes into my inbox each week, but something caught my eye this time, something that I’m always pleased to see in architecture news – “Dublin skyscraper development refused planning permission by local council”. The refused proposal was for Jurys […]

Portfolio: CAD

I have found that my course hasn’t put much of an emphasis on CAD skills during the first couple of years, which is a pity, since its such a commonplace tool in modern Architecture and Engineering.  I believe it should be taught from the beginning and I’m glad that The University of Leeds is now […]

Reflection on Election

This article is a reflection on the US Presidential Election in 2008, written shortly after. The election is over, and all the newspapers are hailing this historic moment when America elected an African-American as its next president. However, let’s not blow this race issue out of proportion. It’s a great achievement of America to have […]

14/15 Eldon Terrace, Leeds

Ever since I first arrived at Leeds University, these two units on Woodhouse Lane have been derelict and bare.  It’s time something was done about it.

Architecture of Penn State

The first thing that struck me about the architecture at Penn State when I first arrived was that any building was really really hard to date from its architectural style!

A Cappella in the USA

A cappella is a lot bigger in the USA than it is in the UK.  There are numerous groups at each university and they all compete in the many competitions, as well as performing their own events.  It was this competitive nature that meant that I didn’t get into any of the groups that I […]

A Cappella Arrangement of Fat Bottomed Girls

The 30th April saw the Annual Showcase 2008 of the Leeds University Union A Cappella Singers. The show also featured Head Row, whose first mp3 is featured on this website. The show was fantastic, and the night was enjoyed by all, especially those of us who had put so much work into it and glad […]

Hemp Growing in the UK

Hemp can grow naturally in the UK, is a valuable and sustainable product with thousands of known usages and doesn’t require huge amounts of fertiliser and pesticide. So why is very little of it grown?

Swingle Singers Review

On Friday night, I went to see the Swingle Singers live at the Lowry, Salford.