I am the very model of a modern general majorer!

My sister sent me an email a few days ago, commenting that I hadn’t made my academic achievements clear enough on this website, so I’d like to just point out that:

I hold a First Class Honours Master of Engineering degree in Architectural Engineering (International)

More information about my degree can be found here, but that’s not really what this post is about.

The title of this post (a pun, of course, on a Gilbert and Sullivan song), refers to the fact that, although my “major” is in Architectural Engineering, I much more consider myself a Jack(son) Of All Trades, or, if you like, a “general majorer”! The number of different subjects that I can get truly engaged in knows pretty much no bounds.  At university, I spent a lot of extra-curricular time in clubs and societies, many of which had little to do with my degree, but in which I could just engage wholeheartedly. This is no different now – I read books on economics, go to lectures on politics and art, attend discussions on monetary reform and climate change, sing with choirs, write blog posts about resilient economics as well as keep my hand in with physical activities such as landscaping and building construction. This, by the way, is only a condensed list (see the rest of this website for insight into some of the others!)

Whilst recession continues to hit the UK, and more and more students leave university to face a sparse job market, it is us “general majorers” who suffer from the greatest competition (particularly from those who have more specific qualifications and experience in the field of each particular job on offer), but also benefit from the greatest adaptability, being able to do web design one week, and labouring the next, for example.

I hope that by keeping an eye out for opportunities wherever I go, I will make my way into a career in community and built environment regeneration, but until that time if you need a website designing, a Sketchup model creating, labouring or anything else that I have experience of, do get in touch!

simeon [at] simeonjackson.co.uk (or comment below!)

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