Head Row 2009/2010

The barbershop group Head Row will be starting again this year.  Here’s a general overview of what the group is about:

  • All-male barbershop group
  • Based at University of Leeds (although it is not exclusively students)
  • Between four and eight members, depending on availability, music and cost for each event
  • Available to hire for corporate, private or public events
  • Available for lower cost or for free for charity events, LUU society events and collaborations

We will have a range of repertoire depending on the audience and particular date of season:

  • Traditional Barbershop
  • Modern Classics (Queen, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel)
  • A Cappella arrangements of Jazz standards
  • Classical light music (16th century madrigals, part-songs and folk-songs)
  • A Cappella choral music
  • Traditional Christmas carols (at Christmastime)
  • Jazzy love songs and romantic barbershop stuff (particularly around Valentines’)

Possible set lists will be announced shortly.

Please contact us (as above) if you are interested in hiring Head Row for your event.  Listen to our past recordings on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/headrow). The ones on there at the moment are quite old, but we will hopefully have a new set up shortly!

Please contact us (headrow@googlemail.com) if you are interested in singing with us, in which case we will require a summary of your musical ability and you may be called to audition.

Edit 28th December 2009:  There is no longer any plan to restart the barbershop group.  Enquiries can still be forwarded to the above  address for information.

Head Row at Hifi 2008

Head Row at Hifi 2008

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